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The Ins and Outs of Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance is a kind of coverage that many states mandate for those who operate motorized bikes with engines larger than 50ccs. Again, purchasing the proper insurance policy is essential for anyone who operates these kinds of vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles will not register a motorcycle that does not have this coverage. The overall purpose of insurance is to provide protection for both the motorcyclists and those who share the roads with them. Each state will often have a different minimum level of coverage that one must obtain. Motorcycle coverage can, beyond that, provide an extensive and large variety of protections. Many kinds of motorcycle insurance options are available.

Liability coverage is that which is generally required and it is what covers injuries and damage to property. Collision coverage is designed to handle damage to the rider’s own motorcycle. It will protect the bike even if the rider is the cause of the accident. Comprehensive coverage can help if the bike is stolen, vandalized or, for example, damaged by fire. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage helps the insured motorcyclist when he or she is involved an accident occurs where the other person involved does not have enough or any insurance.

Other forms of coverage to add to a policy include towing assistance for the motorcyclist who finds him or herself in the predicament of being stranded in the aftermath of an accident. There is also optional equipment coverage available, which caters to older bikes and also protects accessories like helmets, gear, etc. There is even trip interruption coverage of available that can help the insured person with the cost of a hotel room, food and transportation after an accident in which the bike is rendered unusable.