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Commercial Auto

The Ins and Outs of Business Insurance

If you own some kind of a vehicle that is utilized in the conduct of your business, you will likely need to obtain commercial auto insurance coverage. In many cases, the legal mandate that is in place for commercial vehicles will vary depending on the degree to which the vehicles are driven for either private or personal purposes. It all can come down to the kind of vehicle that is being used, what kind of cargo is being transported in it and even the number of passengers it may have. You can find out more about the legal requirements surrounding your commercial auto insurance by talking with your local insurance professional as a first step when purchasing a new policy or when renewing or updating your present coverage. Depending on where you do business, there can be additional legal necessities with which you need to comply if you have own and/or operate a business vehicle.

For instance, if you have a loan out on your vehicle, the lending institution might require you to buy some level of coverage so that the vehicle can be replaced or fixed should it be damaged or destroyed. Check with your lender to find out more about the details regarding coverage requirements. When you buy coverage, you will discover that there is a myriad of different types of insurance out there for commercial vehicles. Examples include the all-important liability coverage, which compensates for costs related to lawsuits filed against you. This coverage also provides reimbursement to others for damages you cause while driving the vehicle in the conduct of your business. Also, you may obtain collision or comprehensive coverage that can pay for damages incurred to your own car.

There are even more kinds of coverage made available, like personal injury coverage, rental vehicle cost reimbursement and so much more. What determines the cost of your premiums is dependent upon the type of coverage, the levels for each kind of coverage, and the deductible you opt to pay. All of these can be adjusted when you purchase your policy. In many cases, owners of commercial vehicles will buy coverage above the minimum amount that is mandated by law or by the lender. Simply put, this is due to good commercial auto insurance offering many fine financial perks. When in the market for such a policy, carefully ponder your needs and your budget and obtain the various types of auto insurance that will fit your needs.